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How to (Actually) Stop Ruining 2020

Posted by JuanAnimator - 10 days ago

Rules of Stop Ruining 2020:

No strong or pervasive swearing/racial slurs/sexual strong language words/discrimination slurs, No gross/disgusting stuff, No strong bloody or sadistic violence, No having sex or any other intercourses, and anything.

Also, No NSFW animations, No NSFW art, No NSFW audios, No NSFW anything! No more NSFW content for 2020!!!


We allow to stop ruining 2020: Just appropriate language, appropriate love, appropriate way, and other.

Remember, 2020 is a COVID-19/leap year and is still on coronavirus pandemic.

I was 11 and a half years (11 years old in 2019)/12 years old in 2020.

Please note that 2020 will be a good leap year, and... DO NOT RUIN THIS YEAR!

Please, Please, Stop ruining 2020!


Please read the rules that you users out there around the world, stop ruining 2020.


This is why all NSFW animators/artists/VAs need to stop ruining 2020!!!
(From January 1, February 29 has a leap day to December 31, 2020)
Also, Adobe Flash Player has shutdown, But don't worry... Use Ruffle to view flash animations. (No NSFW allowed.)
I hope let's not ruin 2024...

2020 was pretty much the worst possible version of itself - even more so in the United States of America. You didn't specify anything, so I'm asking (because I actually like positivity)...
In your own words: What did you think was 'good' about the year 2020 to begin with?

Hmm... Let's see, I was drawing all art of MS Paint on my old PC, I put all MS Paint pictures to my Google Photos.
But also, I didn't know the game Genshin Impact was released on September 28, 2020, I just looked myself on the TV...

By that measure you should be fine as long as nobody (including the developer) ruins 'Genshin Impact' or makes light of your MS Paint art. Why the long list if everything you really care about happening that year can neatly fit into 2 sentences?
It's possible that I'm missing something here, but so far it really seems more as if you are a fan of 'Genshin Impact' and drawing - and less of the year 2020 specifically, which for a lot of people is a year where they've lost precious friends and family members. You can still like those things, even if the year they happened 'wasn't that great'. ;) Do you know what I mean?

Imagine if somebody did really bad things, but also happened to be the inventor of your favorite cake recipe. The cake baked with that recipe doesn't change its taste due to the wrongdoings of its inventor - or the person baking it. While we as humans like to draw connections even if there are none. ("It didn't rain today because I had an umbrella with me. I bet it 'would have' rained if I had forgotten my umbrella.") The cake's taste stays as unaffected by these unrelated factors as the quality of any game or the weather.

No, Genshin Impact is fine. 2020 is the year that everyone in the United States need to stop swearing, having sex, anything else!!!

I'm not sure if you wrote that down the way you wanted to. 2020 has been over for a while, and we cannot change the past.

Also, a reminder: Swearing/cursing is helpful when we as humans need to ease pain ( Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MythBusters_(2010_season)#Episode_142_%E2%80%93_%22No_Pain,_No_Gain%22 ). And sex is a completely natural, very enjoyable activity for adults which is also how babies are made. You and me could not have this conversation without our respective parents having sex. ;) Ask your legal guardians, if you don't believe me.

I don’t care if people do sexual intercourse and fellating which is now ruining 2020!!! I want people to stop swearing/cursing/racial and ethnic slurs, having sex/fellating, doing drugs, violent content, and everything they ruin 2020!!! You have to believe me if people in the US, UK, Canada, Australia need to stop ruining 2020!!! 2020 deserves a good year!

I'm sorry, but 'at least to me' you are not writing comprehensibly. I originally assumed this might be some cry for help or that you were just confused about some things, but it more and more looks as if you are trying to play god or something.
Also: You are contradicting yourself within the first sentence. So I have to admit that I wasted my time here. I will stop interacting with you, but I suggest that you read out loud what you wrote above. Maybe you will see what I mean.